The Team

“If two partners always agree, one is not necessary”


Aga Zielinska

Aga is a realist, a pragmatist even. She discards what is not necessary, reducing life to the fundamentals. Aga collects sheep. This is no oxymoron, she says. Emotion, beauty, memory: these are the stuff of life. Liberate yourself from what isn’t necessary. Everything else? That centers you. She’s harnessing experience gathered during her undergraduate studies at Duke University, MBA at the Wharton School, and four years in investment banking on Wall Street to lead finance and operations at Upterior.

Ania Zielinska

Ania is a collector. A description she approves, shunning the word hoarder. She accumulates objects, like she does inspiration and knowledge. She is convinced that in developing multiple faculties, she enables a multidisciplinary conversation within one mind. Ania does not own a trashcan. Documents, files, and mementos from her college days at Columbia University, work at Leo Burnett and Ralph Lauren, and projects with designers and craftsmen nourish her role as head of vision and architecture at Upterior.