If two partners always agree, one is not necessary


Aga Zielinska

Aga leads finance and operations at Upterior.

Aga is a realist, a pragmatist even. She discards what is not necessary, reducing life to the fundamentals. Aga collects sheep. This is no oxymoron, she says. Emotion, beauty, memory: these are the stuff of life. Liberate yourself from what isn’t necessary. Everything else? That centers you. 

Ania Zielinska

Ania leads vision and architecture at Upterior.

Ania is a collector. A description she approves, shunning the word hoarder. She accumulates objects, like she does inspiration and knowledge. She is convinced that in developing multiple faculties, she enables a multidisciplinary conversation within one mind. Ania does not own a trashcan.